My Battle Against Hitler


Do you like history? Do you enjoy reading about World War II? Does behind the scene firsthand experience of historical events interest you? Have you ever wondered what was going on inside the heads of German nationals as Adolf Hitler was coming to power on his path to taking over Germany?

My Battle Against Hitler will be an interesting read for you. This book is firsthand experience of a German college professor named Dietrich Von Hildebrand who, interestingly enough actually wound up as one of Hitler’s top targets once he came to power. Mr. Von Hildebrand was a college professor who was very outspoken against the rise of Nazism. My Battle is basically outtakes from Dietrich’s personal “anti-Nazi papers edited by Austrian historian Ernst Wenisch” (p. 18). Also included within the text are notes from the same editor.

Of all the books I have reviewed, this has probably been the one I have enjoyed the least. This is not due to the book being boring or not interesting. It is more due to the fact I am not a huge history buff. While I do enjoy hearing and understanding what happened in the past, this book just did not hold my attention as others have. There are some interesting parts to the book such as the part of his escape to Vienna and how he made it out at just the right moment or he would have been killed by the gestapo. But this part comes at the end. Everything before this part serves simply as background to what lead up to him being targeted by Hitler. Also included in the book are some of his writings against the Nazi ideology and these were interesting to glance over.

Overall, this book was not one of my favorites to read. As I said, I am not a huge history fanatic so my review is heavily influenced by this. If you really enjoy history, this book might be intriguing to you and something worth purchasing for your library. However, if you do not identify yourself as a history buff, then let this book pass and just watch the History Channel.

I received this book from the Blogging for Books program in exchange for this review.


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