The Atheist’s Fatal Flaw

atheists fatal flaw

While studying at Liberty University Theological Seminary, I took a number of Philosophy courses in hopes of better understanding life and how to defend the faith I claimed to have. Until then, I knew there were opponents to the Christian faith, but in many ways, I had never thought to actually learn what it is they believe. Many times, Christians are said to claim some outrageous beliefs. However, on the other side of that, there are many other religions whose claims are just as outrageous if not more so. This book, as you can gather from the title, focuses on the beliefs of atheists so you can be better equipped to carry on a conversation with an atheist without looking like you have no idea what you are talking about.

The Atheist’s Fatal Flaw is a book that will truly help you understand how you can “give an answer for the hope that you have.” Not only will it do that, it will help you see and understand some of the conflicts within the very claims or beliefs atheists make. If you want to educate yourself in this manner, I would recommend you get this book. Let me quote the synopsis on the back of the book because it makes a great statement about the book and the reason you should pick it up:

This unique book faithfully represents what atheists say they believe about the nature of God, evil, and human autonomy and stands back to watch as the natural inconsistencies in that worldview inevitably rise to the surface. Anyone who wants to be able to speak with confidence to an atheist about the fundamental conflicts in their beliefs will find this resource indispensable.

This book also covers submission and favor, death and faith, guilt and rules, punishment and pardon, hell and heaven, inconsistencies to responses and objections. As you can see, it covers a ton of material, all of which is helpful and meaningful. As you read through it, you could find yourself drowning in the arguments and discussions and quotes from prominent atheists, but the authors do a great job of helping the reader grasp what they need to know.

With that said, this is a brief review of a book I highly recommend for the young believer to the mature believer. Every Christian can benefit from this book, especially because many atheists were at one time, people who claimed to be Christians. So grab a copy, allow your brain to be stretched and get ready to learn and be challenged. Why? Because if we truly want to reach the world for Christ, it involves loving our neighbors as ourselves and in some cases, our neighbors will be atheists. We need to educate ourselves will how to interact with them.


Disclaimer: In accordance with FTC regulations, I received this book from Baker Books in return for a review of the book.


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3 responses to “The Atheist’s Fatal Flaw

  • Carl

    I think the problem with books like this is that it seems that the writers of such books believe there is some codified collection of atheist “beliefs.” That is the real “fatal flaw.” Atheism is not a world view or collection of beliefs. It is merely a position on the question “Do you believe God(s) exists?” It is a position on the spectrum of belief in a deity with theism being the other position. After that, it’s a crap shoot as to what Atheists believe on any other subject. So maybe instead of reading what Christian apologists say Atheists believe, maybe it would serve your cause better to actually talk to atheists?


      Carl, thank you for your response. I appreciate your thoughts but I think you should pick the book up. You end your comment with “maybe instead of reading what Christian apologists say atheists believe, maybe it would serve your cause better to actually talk to atheists.” This book is not simply an opinion book or an idea book based on what “Christian apologists” say atheists believe, rather it is a collection and response of what atheists themselves claim to believe. While I definitely agree that the best way to learn what an atheist believes is to talk to one, this book is meant to help people understand the very basic claims that ALL atheists WILL hold to and then how to respond to them.

      • Carl


        My point is precisely that you cannot speak to some atheists and conclude that there is some common core set of beliefs that ALL atheists believe; except for the one position on the “Does God exist” question.

        For the same reason, I cannot speak to 100 or 1,000 Christian and thus conclude that there is a common core set of beliefs that define ALL Christians. Ignore, for the moment, all of the vast multitude protestant denominations that exist, you have conservative, fundamentalists, moderate, liberal and progressive Christians. Even something as simple as saying “Christians believe that Jesus is the Son of God” does not mean the same thing for all Christians today (much less through out all of Church history).

        But it’s even dicier for Atheists since, as I mentioned in my original comment, Atheism is not a world view with a set of positions that define it. One can make the claim that Atheists believe in naturalistic materialism as the definition of reality, but that doesn’t define all atheists. Naturalism is a world view that can be examined and critiqued. Atheism is just an answer to a question that stands alone regardless of what one’s view of reality is.

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