Weekly Scoop 4/4

Friday means it is time for the weekly scoop. Here are a few links you should check out today or this weekend:

For parents of children and youth, this article is a good read: Why I would Never force my kids to go to church.

This is a great article posted on the CNN Religion Blog by Dan Darling: Millenials and the false gospel of nice.

It is so easy for us to take verses in the Bible out of context for the purpose of encouragement or offering hope and for many other reasons. But, as this blog points out, it is not a good thing: 5 Verses we need to stop misusing.

Ed Choy presents a great post on what Romans 7 is really saying: Why the struggle of Romans 7 should not be applied to Christian experience.

Tim Challies on Christian Celebrity and the Conference Culture.

A well written article by Trevin Wax on the controversy stirred up by World Vision over the past couple weeks: The Fault Lines before the Evangelical Earthquake.

Associated Press photographer Anja Niedringhaus has been covering conflicts from Bosnia to Afghanistan for more than 20 years, earning a Pulitzer Prize in 2005. Here are 40 amazing shots: Afghanistan: Seen through the lens of Anja Niedringhaus.

Lastly, here is a TED talk from 2012 that is making it’s rounds again on the internet. If you are not aware that human slavery still exists today, you need to watch this. Even if you are aware, you should watch it and let it move you to see what you can do: Photos that bear witness to modern day slavery.

Thanks again for checking out this week’s scoop. Feel free to share this with others through Twitter or Facebook, and if you have read something this week that you believe is worthy of inclusion in one of my weekly scoops, leave it in the comment section.


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