Weekly Scoop

In a little over a month my wife, daughter and I will be moving to a home we will be renting in Clifton Forge, VA. We are excited about this new chapter and are looking forward to what God teaches us through this endeavor. Along with that, here are some links you can be excited about:

Here is a great video on the effect pornography has on culture. It is not innocent as people try to make it out to be and men need to step up: Porn and Global Injustice.

A great video on the objectification of women and how to fight it: The Sexy Lie.

Abortion does not only affect women: Rappers heartbreaking video regretting abortion.

Abortion also clearly affects women: 8 Facts on how abortion hurts women.

I had never heard of Chris before this video, you may not have either, but his story will inspire you: The Chris Coleman Story.

Here is a little encouragement for husbands: Married and Dating.

Do you spend too much time on Social media? Here is a great post from my friend Debra Fileta: 11 Signs you need a break from social media.

Will the evangelical church accept, embrace and support people who live in a homosexual lifestyle? Will the evangelical church embrace gay couples?

And lastly, for a little fun, here are some pretty amazing videos for your enjoyment: 15 Amazing Go Pro Videos.

Thank you for checking out the weekly scoop this week. Feel free to share this with others and if you have any links you believe I should share next week, mention them in the comment section. Enjoy.


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