7 Men and the Secret of Their Greatness by Eric Metaxas


Until recently, I had only heard of Eric Metaxas, never read anything by him. I am glad I took the chance to read this book. After just the first two men mentioned in this book, I found myself extremely challenged in how I live my life. Eric Metaxas does a great job helping the reader truly get to know the men he covers and see into their lives. After reading this book, I feel I have a better understanding of who these 7 men were and what it is that pushed them. Eric’s writing style is easy to read and comprehend which will appeal to all varieties of readers.

From the very beginning, Eric draws readers in with a challenge of how the idea of manhood has become confusing to so many. The idea behind this book is to answer two “vitally important questions: First, what is a man? And second, what makes a man great?” These questions would serve well in any environment where the topic of manhood is discussed. As I have gone through life, and now sit at the age of 31, I can see how the idea of being a man has changed as culture has changed. No longer does being a man involve treating women with respect, being a man of integrity or character and other such virtues. What it means to be a man today seems to be more about what a man can achieve, or in some ways, conquer; this can be anything from women to travels and basically anything else people want it to mean. It is sad to look at and even sadder to see young kids trying to emulate these men who are anything but men. It used to be that men looked out more for others and being a man meant that you stood up for others. Whereas now, it seems being a man is more about what is in it for me.

The 7 men in this book will challenge and inspire you. The book 7 Men is one I highly recommend for any man or woman to read. This world needs men who will actually stand up and be men. Men who will take a stand for what is right because it is right, not what is right because of what it will do for them. Throughout this book, I found myself challenged time and again to take an introspective look at my life, am I living with a purpose in mind? Am I living for others? Am I taking a stand for what is right, even at great cost to myself? If not, why?

Do not let the size of this review lead you into thinking this book is not worth it. It is the exact opposite. This book is worth your time. Thank you for taking the time to read this review and I pray that you will seriously consider reading this book.


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