On Being a Leader for God by Warren Wiersbe

Before stumbling upon this book, I was unaware that Warren Wiersbe wrote anything other than commentaries. I was familiar with his “Be” series of commentaries but I was completely unaware of the fact that he had written other books. I am extremely grateful that I stumbled upon this book.

I would highly recommend this book for any Christian who is in a leadership position in the church and even in the corporate world. Mr. Wiersbe saturates this book with Scripture and never makes any point apart from using Scripture to back it up. This may seem like a small detail, but I believe that anyone who desires to be a leader who is also a Christian, you cannot separate your work from God’s Word. Once you become a follower of Christ, you have a new lens to filter your life through. Any Christian in a leadership position, no matter where they are currently employed, should lead in a way that is God-honoring and is able to give glory to God through His Work. If a Christian leader cannot do that, then they should do some serious heart searching to see what can be changed.

Here is what the back of the book states of its contents:

Books on leadership abound. But are the principles upon which these books are grounded found in Scripture? Do they describe the best way for Christians to lead, knowing that they function as ambassadors for Christ as they facilitate meetings, lead people, and manage projects?

Whether you’re in a leadership position outside of the church, or you’re a pastor, a deacon, or a church leader, you will find this book engaging and informative.

Warren Wiersbe does a great job in the writing of this book and I highly recommend it for anyone in any kind of leadership position. It is easy to read and extremely applicable to real life. Anyone who reads this book will not be overwhelmed but will find themselves challenged to make sure their lives and leadership stand up to the standards of God’s Word. They will desire to inspect their lives to see if they are in any way leading in a manner that does not reflect or honor God.

Here are a couple quotes from the book to end with:

“If Christians are to make a difference in this world, they must avoid thinking like the world and imitating the world. Right planning and right serving begin with right thinking, and right thinking comes from the wisdom of God.” – pg 101

“True leaders never ask others to do what they themselves are unwilling to do. We lead the flock, not drive it, and that means the shepherd is the first one to meet the difficulties and dangers.” pg 82

“One obvious truth is that the road to leadership is not easy and that God may have to put us through battles, misunderstandings, and even physical sufferings before He can put a crown on our head.” pg 73

“Becoming a leader may require us to ‘go over the wall’ and be separated from or criticized by people we dearly love. Like Joseph, more than one servant of the Lord has been called to leave the traditional path in order to accomplish God’s will.” pg 73

With that said, I bring this review to a close. Feel free to check the book out at Baker Books. It is highly worth your time.


Disclaimer: In accordance with FTC regulations, I received this book from Baker Books in return for a review of the book.


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