What is Sunday to you?

I have been reading the story of Hudson Taylor in the book Hudson Taylor’s Spiritual Secret. I highly recommend the book to anyone who desires to be encouraged in the spiritual walk with the Lord. With this post, I really just want to share a paragraph from the book. I pray that it truly gets you thinking about how we take Sunday’s for granted and how in other countries, people really are giving up whatever they have to worship on Sundays. I pray this challenges you.

“And Sunday had its teaching periods too. It cost the Christians not a little to close shop and store, sacrificing as far as their business affairs were concerned one day in seven. Yet Hudson Taylor and his colleagues knew that no strong, self-propagating church can be built up on any other basis. They determined therefore to do their utmost to make the sacrifice worthwhile, by filling the hours thus given to God with helpful and joyous occupation. Between the regular services, Christians, inquirers, patients, schoolchildren and servants were divided into classes and taught in a bright, personal way. This made Sunday a heavy day for the missionaries, for there were only four of them; but if it cost some toil and weariness, they were the better able to appreciate the sacrifices made by the converts. Some had to walk long distances and go without food the greater part of the day, and others had to face persecution and personal loss. But they were willing, most of them, for all it involved, if only they could have the Lord’s day for worship, for they were conscious of the difference it made all through the week.” (Hudson Taylor’s Spiritual Secret, p. 96)

After reading this part of the book, I was definitely challenged as to how I take Sundays for granted. I do not have to walk miles to get to church. I do not have to sacrifice hours on end in order to attend. I do not have to go without food either. Most of the people who attend church in this country take it for granted in that we are so willing to miss it. Parents even engage their children in activities where they are allowed to miss church. We sometimes even look for reasons to miss. Church has become just another thing to put on the schedule. But after reading this part of the book, I pray that God reawakens this desire in American Christians.

In conclusion, I love how the paragraph ends: “they were conscious of the difference it made all through the week.” Does church do that for you? Does the fellowship and encouragement received from fellow believers on Sunday make that big of a difference for you throughout the week?


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