To all parents out there,

This morning as I was reading a book, a question came to my mind and I decided I want to pose it to all of you. I would like to ask each of you who read this though to pass it on to other parents that you know as I would enjoy seeing the many different responses that come from this.

Question: Should we as parents teach our children to count the cost of every step of faith before taking that step? Or should we teach them that sometimes you just have to jump without knowing where you will land?

I look forward to seeing the responses.


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2 responses to “Question:

  • Michael

    I think your question of ‘faith’ is answered by the ‘doubt’ that shows in ‘sometimes’.

    How deep is faith, based on how far I am willing to jump, which takes away ‘my’ control….and God’s desires for you.

    of course, prayer and faith work hand in hand and talking to your kids about what God wants is an important precursor to the jump. Understanding the cost as a Christian depends on where you bank and look for the rate of return on the in ‘interest’ you want to earn…..

  • Andrew

    As a parent of small children I can tell you that I do think about this question a lot. I find myself debating on how should I teach my kids about Easter or Christmas, Bible stories, etc. Consequently, my wife and I came to a conclusion back in November of 2010 that we want to passionately pursue Jesus in our worship first and above our family. We decided that following Jesus even if it is counter intuitive to our culture is imperative for our children so that they might see a faith that is “authored and perfected by Jesus.” We simply felt that if we continued to make decisions that were about this life than we would potentially communicate to our children that Jesus is simply an additive to improve this life and not the glorious reward after this life. Besides we were under conviction that we could not live our personal response and worship of Jesus any other way as a response to scripture and His Spirit’s working. This was a response in faith for us.

    Therefore, I don’t necessarily believe faith is truly a blind leap into the dark. Yes I do believe faith is hope for the things unseen; however, this doesn’t mean these things are not known deep in our hearts and minds by the power of the holy spirit. I am convinced more than ever before that Jesus as the book of Revelation titles Him is the “Spirit of Revelation,” and the “Word of Life.” Colossians paints this picture best by declaring Jesus as the image of the invisible and that in Christ are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. (Col 1:15, 2:3)

    So I see faith as a response to Christ and His working in us (Phil. 2:12-13) In other words it is Christ who is at work in us producing a renewing of our minds. This is why I think Colossians depicts the idea that prior to the Gospel in us we were alienated from God and enemies in our minds! (v. 1:21) We are now enabled, transformed in our minds and continue to be, in order to respond in faith to Jesus.

    So when it comes to my kids I do not simply want to teach them that faith is leaping into the unknown. Equally I do not want to teach them to count the cost, lest they lean on their own understanding. I want to teach them to treasure Jesus and He will set their paths straight. I want to teach them to treasure Jesus and He will give them wisdom and knowledge. I want to teach them to respond in faith to Jesus because God gives fullness in Christ! (Col. 2:10) If I teach them anything other than Jesus and they actually listen than I will fail them greatly! Jesus said apart from me you can do nothing!

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